So just how big is the Goliath challenge?

Goliath 5 pound challenge

The challenge is a total of 5 pounds.  The burger is around 4 pounds +/- and the fries make up the balance.

Da Rulez

You have one hour to complete the challenge.
The time starts when you take your first bite.
Once started you may not leave the lobby for any reason.
To win you MUST finish the entire burger and ALL fries and keep it down for 10 minutes.

If you win you get your pic on our wall of winners.
If you win in a record time we will rename this wall after you.
If you win you pay nothing for the Goliath burger and fries.
If you win you will also get one of our Sinful Tee’s
Sure are a lotta “If’s” there…. LOL because it’s only been completed twice.

In the event you lose you pay $25.oo for the Goliath burger and fries.
In the event you lose, we get to take a pic of you holding the unfinished food.

Past winners may take the challenge at any time but must improve on their personal best time by 5 minutes to earn the meal for free or else… <Very EVIL grin>

*Professional or competitive eaters are not eligible to win any cash prize for beating current record time.  All people that do beat the current record time will provide two forms of ID and understand that management will google your name to verify your eligibility to win any cash prize.

Either way it’s fun.  Who knows, you might be the next winner…. (roflmao)

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